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Crystic 2-446 PA -45 Tech Bulletin

Crystic 2-446 PA -45 Safety Data Sheet

CADOX M50-A Catalyst  Safety Data Sheet
Crystic 2-446 PA -45 Polyester Resin is a low styrene emission, pre accelerated, thixotropic, orthopthalic resin.

It is a versatile resin with relatively long open time but rapid cure.

The resin has been designed for use in hand lay up and spray up process and is extra stabilised for transportation, storage and use in tropical climates.

Crystic 2-446 PA -45 has a blue colour catalyst indicator and exhibits reduced exotherm on curing, making it suitable for construction of thicker laminates.

It is recommended for the use in fibreglass cloth lay up of marine boats, industrial mouldings and vehicle bodies.

Crystic 2-446 PA -45 is approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping for use in the construction of craft under their survey.
Crystic 2-446 PA -45 Polyester Resin for the lay up of Fibreglass cloth comes in 1kg & 4kg sizes and Cadox M50-A MEKP Catalyst in 80gm size, prices as below.

Crystic 2-446 PA -45, 1 kg Polyester Resin - $20.00 inc GST

Crystic 2-446 PA -45, 4Kg Polyester Resin - $60.00 inc GST

200gm (6oz) Fibreglass Cloth 1metre wide $10.00 per metre inc GST

200gm (6oz) Fibreglass Cloth 1metre wide x 100 metres - $800.00 per roll inc GST

200gm (6oz) Carbon Fibre 3k Twill 1metre wide x 1metre - $50.00 per metre inc GST
CADOX M50-A 80gm Polyester Resin Catalyst MEKP - $9.00 inc GST


31 Phillips St. Thebarton, SA. 5031                 

Ph. +61 8 8234 5033  Fax.+61 8 8234 1251  Email:sales@resimax.com.au