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31 Phillips St. Thebarton, SA. 5031                 

Ph. +61 8 8234 5033  Fax.+61 8 8234 1251  Contact Us Link

Epoxy Rollers and Accessories.

Resimax are distributors of quality epoxy roller covers  recommended for the application

of Epoxy resins. Epoxy tech rollers so not release any fibres unlike cheaper roller covers.

We also stock a range of accessories from brushes, fibreglass cloth applicators, paint trays,

Yokes and extension poles.


Epoxy Tech Roller Covers in 230mm, 270mm , 360mm and 460mm in 6mm & 12mm nap.

Paint Trays in sizes to suit 230mm, 270mm and 460mm roller covers.

Wide variety of 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm , 75mm brushes.

Wide variety of scrapers from 25mm up to 75mm in width.

Fibreglass cloth rollers.

Range of universal mixers for easy mixing of epoxy and paints.

Extension poles from 1.2m up to 4m in length.

Masking tapes.