Injecting Megapoxy HX to repair drummy concrete



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Injection balloons placed on a   precast panel ready for injection



 Resimax crack injection balloons are designed to be used with Megapoxy H or HX epoxy resin to effect the economical and permanent structural repair of cracks in concrete structures.

Resimax injection balloon features provide the following advantages:


Balloon Concept -Provides a visual aid to the process of filling the crack. The balloon stays inflated when the crack is full.



Clear base - Allows accurate placement of the balloon; lets you see the crack and also lets you see the resin when it rises to the balloon. The base is designed to prevent adhesive blocking the aperture during placement.



Latex hose- Balloons out to 20mm. to keep pressure on the crack.


Tap connection- Ensures secure closure of the balloon after inflation and allows leakage free connection to a injection gun. Also allows taps further along the crack to be left open if desired.




 Equipment required for successful injection is as follows:

1) A quantity of injection balloons

2) Injection Gun

3) Mixing cups and stirrers

4) Megapoxy PF paste (Megapoxy PM if a slower setting time is required)

5) Megapoxy H or Megapoxy HX liquid epoxy resin














Cement Yacht dry docked for repair to cracking in hull










Cement Yacht with Resimax Crack Injection Balloons glued to the hull in preparation of repairing cracking.























Core sample showing the penetration of
Megapoxy HX into the cracked concrete



Workers following the crack line attaching Injection Balloons with Megapoxy PM before being injected with Megapoxy HX
Injection Balloons fixed to the crack before being injected with Megapoxy HX



Crack Injection Data Sheet Link












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Injection Balloons placed and cracks almost completely sealed
Inflated Injection Balloons.
Cleaning of concrete prior to placing Resimax Injection Balloons and sealing of cracks