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Cool room walls coated Megapoxy MC Blue, Floors coated in Megapoxy MC Grey.






Map the Miner repaired using Megapoxy 132 after being vandalised.
Repairing damaged concrete using Megapoxy H & sand
Megapoxy 206 being trowelled onto a floor to repair surface damage.


EPOXY PASTES & LIQUID RESINS for Industrial and Construction.


Adhesive Pastes



Megapoxy adhesive pastes for patching and bonding a variety of materials from concrete to metals are available in a range of setting times to suit numerous applications,



Megapoxy P1: is a 2 part paste for bonding and patching concrete 60 minutes work time


Megapoxy PM : for bonding concrete, natural stone, metals etc. 45 minutes work time


Megapoxy RMF : As above but with a 10 minute work time.



Megapoxy PF: super fast gap filling adhesive, 3 minutes work time

Megapoxy 69: all purpose clear gel - general adhesive 45 minutes work time



Megapoxy 36: fast set paste for Road Marking 3 minutes work time

Megapoxy 132 self leveller with Sapphire Blue pigment to level out a undulating commercial kitchen floor.


Megapoxy HT: for application on overhead, vertical or inclined surfaces. The Hydrophilic non-sag characteristics assist greatly in underwater applications. 30 minutes work time


Megabond: tile adhesive is suitable for bonding stone and tile to all masonry surfaces, including cement sheet, cement render, plaster board, timber and is suitable for interiors and exterior applications.




Megapoxy H: for grouting bolts into concrete, repairing cracks, repairing floors etc. 30 minute work time

Liquid Epoxies




Megapoxy 132 for laminating, tanks, boats etc. 30 minutes work time



Megapoxy MC:chemical resistant maintenance coating. 2hr work time.


Megapoxy PF:Liquid: fast set epoxy general adhesive. 3 minutes work time.

 Megapoxy H & stone to make  Porous Paving, stops loose stones on the footpath.

Megapoxy 34: for electrical cable jointing and encapsulation. 30 minutes work time.


Megapoxy 206 Ultra: is a two component hydrophilic epoxy grout, 30 minutes work time.




Megapoxy 108: is a rapid set liquid epoxy binder for use in civil engineering applications where early development of high strength is essential. 8 minutes work time.


Megapoxy H & coarse sand used to make Porous Paving around a pool. This stops pooling water, making the bull-nosing less slippery.
Megapoxy HICB used for grouting under this water shut-off valve.
Megapoxy E: is recommended for encapsulation of instrument transformers, lighting transformers, small power transformers and coils, for electrical and electronic business.
Megapoxy HX: is a low viscosity 100% reactive epoxy resin for the repair of cracks in concrete. HX is also suitable for impregnation of porous substrates such as masonry and timber.




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Megapoxy CT5: is manufactured compound for backfilling and encapsulating inductive detector loops, weigh in motion sensors, and Aircraft landing lights on asphaltic and concrete roadways.


Megapoxy 132 used in a loading bay.
Megapoxy MC Blue used in the rejuvenation of an old concrete swimming pool by SA Pool & Spa Services.





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Epoxy resins for special purpose applications are also available


Megapoxy LVS: Has been developed as a penetration sealer for concrete brick and other porous surfaces. It must be applied thoroughly to dried substrates.


Megapoxy Megadure Ceramic being used to glue and grout ceramic tiles into a pipe for abrasive materials transfer.

























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Morphettville Racecourse Horse Pool repainted with Megapoxy MC Blue.