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Bituthene The original cold applied, nonhazardous, self-adhesive sheet membrane invented by
W.R. Grace in 1965. Its unique, proven qualities continue to protect major projects in
Australia and worldwide.

Bituthene It is a double barrier membrane consisting of tough, pliable, waterproof

 sheet which totally and fully adheres to the substrate thus preventing the movement of water between the membrane and the substrate. Bituthene will not become hard and brittle with age and will bridge shrinkage cracks.

Bituthene 2000 1.0mm thick x 1m wide 20m rolls

Moisture/vapour proof membrane for damp proofing flat decks.

Bituthene 3000 1.5mm thick x 1m wide 20m rolls

Waterproof membrane for basements, substructures and flat deck applications

Bituthene 6000 1.6mm thick x 1m wide 20m rolls

Tough, high performance membrane for critical substructures and civil engineering works

Bituthene Liquid Membrane is a one-part high performance, fast curing, high solids, polyurethane rubber polymer. It is specifically formulated for use with all Bituthene and Preprufe sheet membrane applications.


Protect LX is a Class III fibre reinforced flexible and elastomeric liquid rubber membrane, designed for waterproofing wet areas, showers, balconies and decks. That will covered over with screed toppings or tiles.


Barrier PU is a Class III elastomeric water based polyurethane membrane, designed to use over exposed areas, facades, parapet walls, planter boxes, retaining walls and plant rooms. UV Stable and allows pedestrian traffic.


Tough PU is a high quality reinforced water based polyurethane. It is a UV resistant membrane with high urethane content. Designed to cope with both pedestrian and if reinforced with fibre sheeting, light vehicle traffic.

Roofshield PU is a premium quality elastomeric polyurethane membrane specifically designed to be used as a roof membrane where strong UV resistance, flexible quality membrane is required. This membrane is fibre reinforced with a high urethane content.

Flexipro BG is a heavy black membrane that cures to a flexible and water insoluble coating. Flexipro contains reinforcing fibres for sealing cracks and is suitable for below ground applications. Including Planter Boxes and Ponds.

Easyprime is a water based fast drying general purpose primer designed to be used over porous building surfaces prior to the application of Tamsi membranes to provide a strong adhesion to the substrate.

Protectoboard is a high impact resistant, UV stabilized thermoplastic sheeting. Its unique fluted design gives strength and provides excellent damage resistance. Used to prevent tanking and deck membranes against backfilling operations etc.

Contec C1 cement based waterproofing system for fixing damp and leaking structures. Concrete tanks, basements etc. Crystals grow back into the concrete structure even against the flow of water.








Bituthene 3000 with Protectorboard, protecting the membrane for when the topsoil is placed for a rooftop garden.




Bituthene 3000 being used to waterproof a roof prior to installing of Protectorboard
Coating the complete wet area in the bathroom with Protect LX.


Protect LX used to waterproof a shower cubicle before tiling.




Bituthene 3000 with Protectorboard and detailing done with Bituthene Liquid Membrane, used for waterproofing belowground brickwork before backfilling.





Waterproofing with Protect LX








Britannia Hotel balcony waterproofed using Protect LX























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